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We bring NFT technology to your customers and help you create a full experience around digital collectibles on the blockchain. Either as giveaways or to build a whole new business around them.

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Create and Sell your own
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You can create an NFT card collection quickly and start selling within a few days. Whether your audience is local or global, physical or digital, crypto or fiat, this is the perfect tool to market a collection of digital cards and receive your profits instantly and constantly in your crypto wallet. A means of commercialization without risk or cost for any artist and an easy and fun way to fund any team or sports league.

Modern ready-to-use UI

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NFT Rewards

Offer rewards for users who complete the NFT collection

Build a NFT Community

Build a community

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Create an NFT card collection and give each customer a pack printed on a unique QR code that can be accessed from their smartphone. This is an efficient and cost-effective way to connect with your customers, build community, and connect your brand with the technological vanguard of the moment.
Plus, you can reward customers who complete the collection with promotions, discounts, or any other rewards you can think of. You only pay for the NFT that your customers actually redeem.

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Collectible NFTs can have different rarities. We also offer different gamified elements like a raffle, prizes for completing the collection or other specific achievements for collectors.


Our framework provides a trading functionality to exchange collectibles for others using a decentralized exchange (DEX).

Flexible pricing

Implementation of fixed or variable pricing of the NFT collectibles are possible.

Connectivity with
your existing

We can integrate into your e-commerce platform, as a giveaway for customers, or with your physical products, maybe in the form of a QR code in a packaging.

Lifetime updates

Tech support

Tons of assets

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Solution for
your business.

The Tarasca collectibles framework will be tailored to your needs.

Corporate Design

The application for your users will be adapted to your corporate design.

Business Needs

We understand your business needs. Features can be added or removed. 100% flexibility.

About Us

Originating from a digital card game that started as a hobby, and built around a board game that grew out of the digital world, Tarasca has been founded by members of the blockchain and cryptocurrency community with many years of experience in the space.

The company builds on this experience and developments and allows to bring-to-market tailor made solutions in a timely manner to new clients who want to explore this new era of collectibles.

Green and reliable.
Because we have only one earth.






Our technology is using the Ardor/Ignis platform, an eco-friendly blockchain that, in contrast to Bitcoin or Ethereum, is very efficient and is not based on any energy intensive consensus algorithm.

The Ardor/Ignis blockchain is based on NXT, which is in operation since 2014 and provides a long track record for security and stability.

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